Product photography

Jessica, who is the Silversmith Artist in Residence at South Hill Park Arts Centre in Bracknell, commissioned me to photograph some of her excusite silver jewellery pieces so that the images could be added to her website.

Jess had taken some shots herself and these were already being used on her website. The brief was to match the style previously used so that there were consistent images across her site.

Why did she hire me? It was taking Jess ages to get shots she thought were good enough, and even then they required lots of retouching in post production. Jess said that her time can be better spent on creating her jewellery rather than trying to photograph them!

Over a couple of days the additional ‘collections’ were photographed so that she had images of all her collections for use on her website. Using lighting techniques and professional lenses  the shots were captured and required no post production retouching.

Her creations are stunning, and are created using 3D printing and destructive moulding techniques plus finishing and polishing.

Take a look at her collections here.

Below are a few of the images created.