Mini portrait shoot

Similar to the full Portrait package but loosely limited to 30 minutes, which is generally enough time for adults and older children – toddlers can be more time consuming!!

What should I expect?

There will be an initial consultation with you so you get the most out of the time on the shoot. During the shoot you’ll be directed on how to pose so you look your best in the images.

A few days after the shoot you’ll see the images via a private online gallery. Once you have selected the images you want, simply choose the products you would like, such as fine art framed prints, canvases, aluminium prints, etc. Products are fairly priced and professionally produced and packaged by Loxley Print in Glasgow – one of the best in the U.K. A small handling fee of 15% is added to the prices – which are totally transparent, you can see the prices Loxley charge on their website.

If you prefer to have copies of the digital files and get your prints done elsewhere that, of course, is absolutely fine, however the quality of print at High Street shops and online companies such as PhotoBox can vary considerably (and I’m talking from experience here!).

How much will I need to invest?

The cost for the shoot, and all your digital, high resolution JPG images, is £125*, which may sound high…

…but unlike virtually ALL other photographers, I do not charge a fee per image after the shoot. Thats my USP, as I feel this is a more ethical approach to photography.

I have heard many times from many people about the “free photoshoot” or “£30 photoshoot” or “£75 photoshoot” that seemed like great value when it was booked…

…but unfortunately people have then had to spend a considerable amount of money, and £1,500 was what it cost Mohammed, an ex-colleague of mine from when I worked in the corporate world, to actually get the images, prints and wall products from their photographer. You may have heard of similar experiences or it could even have happened to you in the past as well.

*One price for the photoshoot and the processing of ALL images taken, so please bear this in mind when comparing prices, as once you add the image costs charged by many photographers – which can be as much as £25 per JPG file or for a small print – it can become very expensive when you want to actually get prints made or copies of the digital files. Take time to research prices for your pictures if you speak with other photographers, just so you know ahead of time how much it will eventually cost you to see YOUR pictures. A £50 deposit is taken at the time of booking to secure your place.