Is it time to invest in your online personal brand?

Professional headshots for use on LinkedIn, intranet pages or company websites and literature.  The studio can be brought to you, and set up quickly.  Below are shots from a recent corporate shoot at Cody Technology Park for the lovely people at Blue Fort Security.

Is it time to invest in your personal brand?

Why you should invest in your personal brand with a professional headshot

Peter Hurley,  the premier US headshot photographer shared this article based on research carried out at Cornell University, and it explains a little about how we judge people based on their profile picture and how that first impression lasts even after we meet them in a face-to-face meeting.

It’s making the news in the USA…

British headshot photographer Tony Taafe was interviewed on US TV channel Fox 10 News.

You can see why it’s important….and the ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots for yourself.

Create the right impression

Do you want to create a professional impression with your online ‘personal brand’ when your LinkedIn profile picture is viewed by prospective clients or employers?

If you do, then contact us to book a session.

You’ll have fun too – even if you hate having a camera pointed at you – and you’ll come away with an image, or set of images, you’re happy to use online.

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What should I expect?

There will be an initial consultation with you so you get the most out of the time on the shoot. In a few days you’ll see the images via a secure DropBox link. Once you have selected the images you want, you can request retouching of your selected images, and the final versions will be supplied via DropBox as high resolution files.

Individual sessions are £250 at the studio, my day rate is £1000, so if you want a ‘company shoot’ to capture images of all your employees this may be the better option, and I can shoot at your offices, just let me have a meeting room for the day. Please contact me to discuss further. I do not charge ‘per image’, no ‘hidden costs’, thats my USP.

‘Retouching’ is the only ‘extra’ you will need to pay for.

A deposit is taken at the time of booking to secure your session.