About me

I am a disrupter in the slightly unethical world of photography.  We agree a fair price and that is what you pay.  No ‘Hidden Costs’, the only ‘Extra’ is retouching of images and as I use ‘light’ to do the post production (sort of) that is not usually necessary anyway – you will look the best you possible.

You will not feel like you’ve been mugged by a photographer when do the shoot and want your images.  You get them quickly too, I get the images correct in the camera so the images are easy to process and get to you quickly, usually within a week.  You get a lifetimes worth of my photography experience, and no sting in the tail.

How does that sound to you?

We create your images, you get ALL OF THE IMAGES – YES, ALL OF THEM – to do with as you wish. Post them on FaceBook for your friends and family to see, print them wherever you like, or you can have professional quality prints or wall art from Loxley Colour who are based in Glasgow and are amazing at what they do.

Many wedding photography professionals use Loxley Colour, as they are the quality benchmark for photographers in the UK, and they have a huge range of products that you won’t see on the High Street. You can check out their range here https://www.loxleycolour.com

I don’t charge a ridiculous mark up, just a 25% handling fee.  As I hope you can see, I am different, I want you to have an amazing and fun time creating YOUR memories and help you get quality artwork at a reasonable price that will last for generations.

I won’t even ask you to smile, you will be having fun anyway so I don’t even have to ask!